PreOmics is a cutting-edge German bio tech company with a unique method of speeding up protein analysis.
The mission:
Medcontent was assigned to take the PreOmics brand from a start-up to a professional-looking company with high visibility in all digital channels.
The project:
• Updated the brand look and feel
• Online visual guidelines.
• New multi-language website
• All-access CMS
• E-commerce for the U.S market
• Video explainer for the products
• Employer branding film
• 3d based pack-shots
The result:
Today PreOmics has a high-ranking website that, after launch, has increased its traffic by +350% through SEO and digital campaigns targeted primarily at LinkedIn.

To unify their products, we also created 3d models shortening the time to produce new pack shots.

Recently a webshop was released for the U.S market with excellent results in increased sales.